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Ugg Boots: How To Distinguish Between Genuine Uggs And Fake Ones

Ugg boots have become popular all over the world. Australian sheepherders originally wore them. They are made from high quality sheepskin and this makes the wearer keep their feet warm and dry in even chilly days of winter months. The material even offers high comfort to the wearer. The term 'Ugg' originated from the word 'ugly'. People believed that these boots had an old and big look and were not quite stylish. The USP of these boots were its comfort level. However, but now with the changing of time and the world becoming a fashionable place to live in, a different variety of styles and designs have come up with these boots that are considered stylish by fashionable people.

So by wearing a pair of fashionable Ugg boots you can make a style statement. These boots are considered as the best combination of both utility and fashion. So, if you don't have a pair of these boots in your wardrobe, you must go and buy a genuine pair of Uggs for yourself. But when buying always be careful to buy a genuine one as well as the one that matches best with your outfit and personality. Uggs of different styles, sizes and colours are available.

Uggs are available in almost in every shoe shop. However but the best place to buy these boots is online. You can get genuine Ugg boots at very reasonable price. So, don't you think buying boots from online stores is the most convenient option for you because you do not have to go out of your house to get the boot of your choice? Moreover the boot will even be delivered right at your place within the promised time. However, you just need to find out a reputed and reliable online store that sells genuine boots. Finding this is not a difficult affair. You need to check out the feedback section of the site to know whether the site provides genuine boots or fake boots.

There are also many other ways of distinguishing fake Uggs from genuine Ugg boots. The genuine boots have double face sheepskin. This material is generally comprised of sheepskin layers with fleece. Sometimes the manufactures use pigskin instead of sheepskin. If pigskin is used, you will find small holes all through the material.

Genuine Uggs have excellent stitching. You will find no unevenness or gaps in the stitches. Edges are finished and the boot has finished and smooth bottom rim. The soles are also quite flexible in comparison to the rigid soles that are available in fake Uggs. Then again genuine Uggs boast of good amount sheepskin fur in the boot itself. But in fake Ugg less fur is found. Moreover the genuine ones have a wider heel and rounder and longer toe area than the fake Uggs.

Many people think that the fake Uggs are made in China but this is not true. Companies that make boots in China manufacture both fake as well as real products. Thus when analysing the pair to be a genuine one or not, always put your focus on the material as well as the workmanship.