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Skechers Shape Up Shoes - A Walk on the Fit Side

What happened in 1992 to change the way we walk for fitness: Skechers shape up shoes were born. A�They were designed to help get us into shape while we walk. A�Not only can they help to get us more physically fit they can also help to relieve back pain and they can also improve posture and reduce stress on ankle and knee joints.

Reasons Why You Should Buy Them:

1. They are designed to tone all the muscles in the lower body: the back, abdomen, buttocks and calves.A�

2. Not only will you lose weight but you will create a healthier you.

3. Wear them to go shopping, walking with a friend or doing house work.

4. Firmer thighs and reduced cellulite are only a walk (or two) away.

5. These shoes were made for walking and your heart will appreciate it.

6. You won't have to listen to your mother tell you stand up straight as these shoes will help improve your posture.

For anyone living in the city and needing to do a lot of walking, you know what a toll that can take on your knee joints and back muscles. A�Everything is hard surfaces from sidewalks to streets. A�Or maybe you have to stand all day at your job as a nurse or waitress. A�The idea behind Skechers shape up shoes is to give your body the impression that you are walking on soft ground.A�

The shoes are designed to target various parts of the body that are normally not used when exercising. Although the shoes might be a little heavier than normal sneakers, the results you receive will out weight that concern.A�

I'm not saying you need to give up your gym membership or put away the yoga mat, but wearing Skechers shape up shoes on a regular basis will give you a firmer rear end and a reason to wear your shortest dresses with confidence.A�

These shoes are well made and available at an affordable price. A�They come in several colours from silver/white to silver/blue and silver/hot pink. A�They are also available for men.