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Leather Jackets Suppliers Steady On a Dusty Road Ahead

There are very few leather garments which can ever match the iconic status like that of a leather jacket. Leather jackets make a bold style statement. It symbolises power, or better say, brute power. As it is often bracketed with bikers, military aviators, rock stars and others, these jackets have developed an intensely loyal cult following.

Before we go any further, let's delve deep into some of the interesting facts about the leather jacket industry. Most of the jackets produced are made for fashion purposes and a few ones are also made as protective gears. Jackets designed as protective gears are full on safety measures, heavier and thicker whereas the one made for fashion purposes are high on style quotient and less on the fabric quality.

As far as the colours are concerned, leather jackets are typically offered in a variety of hues of two predominant colours, black and brown. Black jackets are considered a bit more formal, offer better fittings and are perfect for those looking to appear semi formal. Brown jackets while delivering a vintage look, are more casual mainly due to their earthy tones.

Last but not the least, lets examine the texture. The most popular skin-hides used for leather jacket making is lambskin, sheep and cow leather. Lambskin leather gives a more polished and sophisticated look whereas a cow or sheep leather jacket is hard and gives a rough texture for an urban cowboy look.

Last year, suppliers observed a sharp increase in orders in comparison to 2009. This could be attributed to the fact that market's mood was upbeat and the sales were on the rise in almost all the sectors.

Leather garments are an essential segment of any fashion week. As more and more designers are experimenting with the new texture and colour possibilities, a plethora of exciting designs are about to mob the buyers soon.

Internationally, jacket suppliers from china are causing a heartburn among most of the other jacket suppliers due to high competition. Apart from it, rising cost of raw material is an additional cause of concern. Despite of all the challenges Indian leather industry is all set to brave the odds and is capable of thriving in this highly competitive scenario. Most of the industry analysts are unanimous about the bright future of the Indian leather industry, who are trying their level best to stay ahead in this competition and surpass customer's expectations.