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Executives Coach - Should You Use Cold-Calls to Gain More Client

Most Executive Coaches, like most other people on this planet, dislike the idea of calling on strangers to solicit prospective customers. Some experts place cold-calls efficiency at about 3%, meaning that most cold-calls end in rejection. To be effective, one must call a large number of people; hence one is practically setting oneself up to experience rejection on a scale large enough to make anyone but the bravest shy away.  

Yet, corporations world-wide keep spending money on Telemarketing and other forms of cold-calls. This implies that cold-calls are a cost effective marketing method. So, should Executive coaches consider using this method to market their services and find new customers?  

Before embarking on any cold-calls campaign, there are four basics to consider:  

The Target Audience: The better you can zero in on your niche, the more you are likely to succeed. You want to be offering your service to people who may have a reason to hire you, not just to anyone. It is worthwhile to invest in a good prospect list, or find an effective way to create your own.  

Your Goal: Are you expecting to close a deal? Sell rates at cold calls are practically zero. Are you trying to set up a meeting? You will have better chances to do that. But you should also consider simply asking permission to send more materials, to call again, to 'warm' your cold prospect slowly before you try to sell anything. Either way, show respect to your prospect and his time by making your call relevant and courteous.  

Your Script: You need a script, because you have between ten to thirty seconds to grab the prospect attention and get what you want. You do not have time to 'wing it', and you can not risk being surprised into silence or into mumbling something while you are trying to figure out what to say. You need to practice your script to perfection (and please do not begin cold calling to your best prospects. Start with the worst ones, and progress upwards in the list so that you get to the A prospect already well practiced).  

Your Presentation: Even though you are following a script, you must not sound mechanical, bored or stiff. Never call while slumped in a chair - people can actually hear it in your voice. Sit straight, smile, breath normally, speak in normal speed and try to sound relaxed and professional. Record yourself and listen to it - you may be surprised how different you sound to others than to yourself. Adjust your speech accordingly.  

Get these four basics right, and you may benefit from cold-calls in your coaching business.